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Maui is called the Valley Isle because of its unique geography. As the remnant of two volcanoes, the island is divided into east and west parts, each with its own attractions, vegetation and character. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the Hawaiian Islands, which may be one of the reasons so many people come here to unwind and soak in sights unlike anything in Polynesia.

From towering Haleakala in the east to its more modest sister Pu’u Kukui in the west, this is an island of height, variety and countless stunning vistas. You only need to travel a short distance to discover entirely new cultures and neighborhoods, from swanky Lahaina to the homier North Shore. Of course, traveling around the island of Maui is just the beginning of what you can do here– Maui has it all, from glass-bottom boat rides to zip lines, horseback riding and Maui is renowned for its marine life and water activities as well.

Maui is one of our specialties and is a location that continues to bring in repeat clients year after year. That’s because the island itself hides so many unknown treasures, from hidden coves and volcanic ruins to the kind of historic sights you won’t find along the beaten path. Whatever your passion, we can help you discover new worlds with outstanding advice and the kind of personal attention that ensure you always come up with the right itinerary.

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